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sobota, 10 września 2011

(VA Tribute Compilation) Betty Page - Private Girl (Spicy Music)

(recorded in the 50s)
OGG conversion / 30.05 MB

A tribute to the brightest star of pin-up constelation. Compilation presents music of 50s performed by  There is two releases more - click, if you're looking for Danger Girl or Jungle Girl.

1. Gramercy Swing
2. On the Beat
3. Apollo
4. Lotus Girl
5. Big Band Riff
6. Low Down and Mean
7. Sandwich Bar
8. Uncle Fred
9. Big Band Bounce
10. Blue Beating
11. Coolstuff
12. Sparkling Brass
13. De Paris a Liverpool
14. Trouser Suit
15. Javache
16. Goofy Guitar
17. Kit for Kats
18. Drama Links (D)
19. Mood Blue
20. The Big Fight
21. Smokey Blues
22. With Jazz in Mind
23. The Leatherman
24. Swing Song

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